Massage Therapy

Massage Modalities Offered

KneadingMassageTherapeutic: By combining the knowledge of her combined practices, Tami is able to tailor a custom approach to resolving your specific physical challenge, such as a painful shoulder or a stiff back.  Treatments may involve yoga and a range of massage techniques.

Lymphatic:  Detoxify your body with a gentle, full-body massage that releases your lymphatic system, resulting in a removal of toxins and a stimulation of the immune system.

Lymphedema & Manual  Lymph Drainage:  Tami is fully certified through LANA as a lymphedema massage therapist, offering manual lymph drainage and a whole-body approach to care.

Deep Tissue:  Tami can help release the tensions bound deep in your muscle tissue with this more intense approach to full body massage.

Myofascial Release: The fascia is a connective tissue that lives under the surface of your skin.  Myofascial release removes the tension and constriction that accumulates under the skin due to the stresses of daily life.

Strain/counterstrain: A a type of “passive positional release” created in the early 1960s by Lawrence Jones, D.O. It is a hands-on treatment that alleviates muscle and connective tissue tightness by the use of very specific treatment positions held for brief periods of time, eliminating pain and inflammation.